Articles, films and documentaries about climate change have one thing in common: they paint an unimpressive picture of the future. But there is one big exception: Kiss the Ground.

This new, special documentary tells a convincing and above all optimistic plan to combat the climate crisis. Kiss the Ground is committed to the healing power of the earth and explains why the key to a better world lies in the soil. Simply, under your feet!

Sustainable land use plays an essential role in countering the negative effects of climate change. The soil is one of the largest stores of carbon, an important building material for Co2. And because the health of Mother Earth - but also yours - is of vital importance to us, supporting this approach is natural for us.

The message is actually very simple: avoid food that comes from industrialized agriculture and opt for (bio) dynamic! All the farmers we work with grow food with an eye for the environment. People, the environment and profit are on an equal footing, and the products are of the highest possible quality. 

Be inspired by Kiss the Ground and take action - together with us - to combat climate change and its impact! 

Order your vegetables, fruit and other messages at De Verserij! We deliver the products directly from the farmer and deliver them to your home ourselves.

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