The Verserij understands verse, and you will know that too. This time we will tell you everything about our cheeses. At least, about a very unique selection of them!


Cheese is inextricably linked to Dutch culture. But let's not forget that France, Switzerland and Italy also belong to the so-called "cheese countries". And then we haven't even mentioned Greece, Spain, England and Denmark .. Anyway, the Netherlands is really not the only country where this fantastic product is prepared. De Verserij therefore likes to look beyond borders when compiling its range. The result? A range of quality cheeses that are all worth discovering:

Belper Knolle

Belper Knolle is a hard Swiss cheese with a strong, spicy taste. It is made from raw milk from Simmental cows and enriched with finely chopped garlic, onion and black pepper. Before the cheese can be officially sold as "Belper Knolle", it is matured for no less than 12 months in a cellar. Then the Belper Knolle can be shaved over a dish; just like a truffle!

Slice this cheese over green asparagus, pasta, meat, egg or a fried fish. Or experiment with this seasoning yourself: Belper Knolle makes almost everything tastier!

Remeker Cheese

Perhaps the tastiest cheese in the Netherlands is made on the farm of the Van de Voort family: the Remeker. With raw milk from our own Jersey cows, starter culture and organic rennet. After a short brining process, the cheeses are transferred to the ripening room, where they are given the necessary time to develop further. In addition, a special treatment with ghee ensures that the natural crust is simply edible!

Opt for Remeker Pril, with "velvety texture and buttery notes", Rekemer Ryp or Remeker Old: a cheese with an intense flavor and protein crystals.

Ricotta Affumicata

Ricotta Affumicata is the smoked version of the mild, soft Italian cheese that is widely known. There is nothing wrong with that, by the way good old ricotta, but the smoked version is really a great cheese. Unlike the regular variety, Ricotta Affumicata has a firm structure and a particularly tasty, salty taste. 

A fast, cold and traditional smoking process has been applied to this Ricotta Affumicata. The result is a cheese with a delicate smoky flavor that does not detract from the original flavor. Try this cheese on a crispy ciabatta, take pasta alla Norma to the next level, or fill homemade pasta with this smoked ricotta!

Vegetable Blue Cheese

A vegan blue cheese? Yes, and what a! This "cheese", based on cashew nuts, is prepared according to traditional methods in the vegetable cheese factory of Max & Bien. For example, as with dairy-based blue cheeses, Penicillium Roqueforti cultures are used and the cheese is matured for up to 2 months.

Due to the unami flavor, this vegetable blue cheese can generally be combined well with sweet accompaniments. Enjoy a vegetable salad with pear and blue cheese, combine it with bread and fresh figs, or put the cheese next to grapes on the snack board!


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