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The Verserij understands verse, and you will know that too. This time we will tell you all about a number of beautiful Italian wines from our range!


Wine is produced all over the world: in well-known wine countries such as Argentina, Italy and France, but also in India and Morocco, for example. And because every country has its own way of producing, every bottle tells a different story. The range of De Verserij consists of a personal selection of wines from the classical world, directly from ambitious winegrowers. We have the following four top wines from Italy especially for you imported. Saluti!

Terre Brune

Terre Brune is a beautiful red wine from Santadi winery in Sardinia. The wine is made from Carignano and Bovaleddu; grapes of indigenous varieties that are picked by hand between the end of September and the beginning of October. This is followed by the maturation process: first 16-18 months in French oak barriques, then another 12 months in the bottle.

This wine has a complex bouquet of dark fruit, tobacco and chocolate. Due to its powerful, warm taste, the Terre Brune combines well with roasted and grilled meats, spicy dishes and medium to ripe cheese.

We are not the only ones who like this wine. Gambero Rosso, the publisher of the leading wine guide of the same name, has rated this Terre Brune with three "biccheri" (wine glasses): the highest possible rating!

Pinot Nero Trentino

This elegant wine is in the name of winery Cantine Montfort. It is made from the prestigious blue grape variety "Pinot Nero"; a variety also called Blauburgunder in Trentino (the region where this wine comes from). The grapes undergo a maceration on the skin and are aged for more than a year in French oak barrels. The wine then ages for another 6 months in the bottle.

The ruby red Pinot Nero Trentino is for the lover of wine with a fresh, fruity taste. Yet after notes of sour cherries, raspberries and cranberries there is a long, spicy aftertaste. Great as an accompaniment to roast beef and lamb, or game.

Pinot Grigio Trentino

With the Casata Montfort label, this Pinot Grigio is one of the better wines from the Cantine Montfort winery. This white wine is made from the "Pinot Grigio"; a grape from the Trentino. The grapes are hand-picked, cold fermented and then matured for months in steel wine tanks.

This dry Pinot Grigio is well balanced, with hints of ripe pear dominating. A fruity wine, which, thanks to its composition and elegance, is the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of moments. For example, serve the Pinot Grigio Trentino as an aperitif, or open it at a platter with fruits de mer.

SP68 Sicilia Rosso

This wine tells the story of Arianne Occhipinti; a young and now famous winemaker from Sicily. As a biodynamic producer, Arianne uses an approach that intervenes in the process as little as possible. The result (among other things) this beautiful natural wine.

The SP68 is made from both the Nero d'Avola and the Frappato grape. After being manually harvested, the grapes are macerated on the skin for 15 days. Arianne then lets the grapes ripen for 6 months - without filtering - in cement tanks, and finally another 1 month in the bottle.

The result is a harmonious, ruby red wine with intense aromas of berries, tobacco, leather and liquorice. The sip is fresh, soft and extremely tasty. So versatile that it can be served all year round and on countless occasions.





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