Nostalgic and innovative! Forget the old Dutch recipe for French toast (or well: just for a while) and make this version. Sourdough bread pairs wonderfully with buttermilk, coffee and caramel.

Making French toast is not difficult. Yet there is a challenge in this recipe: it takes some perseverance to let Bakkerij MAMA's bread get "old". The whole grain sourdough bread that we use is not to be sneezed at. But hang on - these French toast are well worth the wait.

The ingredients
(for 6 French toast, 2 large portions)

• 300 ml Farmer's Buttermilk
• 3 Eggs (only the yolks)
• 20 grams of cane sugar
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
• 5 grams of Coffee Macinato
• Pinch of salt
• 6 thick slices of old Wholegrain sourdough large
• Large lump of unsalted butter
• 200 grams of fine granulated sugar
• 40 ml of cold water
• 85 ml of boiling water

The Kitchen Helpers

• Flat (oven) dish
• Whisk
• Baking pan
• Saucepan with a thick bottom

The method of preparation

1. Start making the clear caramel sauce. Add the granulated sugar and 40 ml water to the saucepan, turn on the heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved. When the mixture starts to boil, stop stirring immediately and let it simmer until a golden brown caramel. When the correct color is reached, turn off the heat and carefully pour 85 ml of boiling water into the pan with the caramel. Stir well and set the sauce aside.

2. For the French toast: split the eggs and put the yolks in a flat dish. (This recipe only uses the yolks, this provides a fuller / creamy taste than when using whole eggs.) Beat the cane sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, Coffee Macinato and salt through the yolks with a whisk, then stir in the Farmer's Buttermilk through the mixture.

3. Dip the slices of bread alternately in the mixture. Don't let the bread soak for too long, this will make the French toast soggy.

4. Heat some Farmer's Butter in a frying pan and place a slice of bread in it. Fry the French toast over medium heat until crispy and brown on both sides. Place the French toast on a plate and finally pour the homemade caramel sauce over it.